Marketing & Operations Joint Concentration

Concentration Advisors¬† Deborah Small (MKTG) - 760 JMHH, 215.898.6494, John Zhang (MKTG) - 754 JMHH, 215.898.1989, Monique Guignard-Spielberg (OPIM) - 569 JMHH, 215.898.8235, The Marketing and Operations Management joint concentration emphasizes the importance of partnership between marketing and operations for new product development (NPD) in light ofRead More

Behavioral Economics Program

Over the last 30 years, psychologists and economists have joined forces to study how people process information and actually make decisions, rather than how they would make decisions if they were fully rational and selfish. The new field that this collaboration has spawned, dubbed behavioral economics, has provided an understandingRead More

Information Systems Track

The rapid technological progress in the computing sector and the dramatic decline in the cost of computer power have fueled an investment boom in information technologies. Information technology are now called upon to understand how technology can be used to create new corporate strategies, new products and new types ofRead More

Decision Processes Track

The Decision Processes track establishes rigorous scientific foundations for describing, predicting, and improving the processes through which individuals and groups collect data and information, form judgments and make decisions. The program examines descriptive theories and empirical research on human behavior that identify systematic biases in judgment and heuristics or rulesRead More

Business Analytics Track

Business Analytics is the careful application of analytical techniques to solve business problems. These analytical techniques have emerged from a variety of disciplines such as operations research, statistics, machine learning, data mining, information science, computer science, marketing and game theory. Business Analytics is not a distinct management function, such asRead More