Real Estate Registration

Please note that the Real Estate Department does not maintain a waitlist for oversubscribed courses. Teaching faculty are encouraged to keep their own list for high demand courses. Registration beyond the maximum set for a course is solely at the discretion of the professor teaching the course.

If you trying to register for REAL/FNCE 2090 (Real Estate Investments) and find it difficult to register under either section, you should make sure to attend the first few lectures. The instructor will not consider registration requests from students who have missed more than one lecture during the first two weeks. Speak to the professor directly about your registration difficulties.

For Real Estate Development, there is one section (crosslisted three ways) that is offered in the Spring and the other in the Fall of the year: REAL 8210/ REAL 3210/ARCH 7680-401 and REAL 8210/REAL 3210/ARCH 7680-402. Wharton MBA Students who desire to enroll in (REAL 8210) must do so by requesting the course through the MBA Course Match System. REAL/FNCE 7210 is the prerequisite and is STRICTLY enforced for this class unless it is under-subscribed.The Graduate section for Penn Design students is ARCH 7680-401 or 402. Penn Design Students may register for these sections on Penn In Touch or see their School Registrar.

The undergraduate section for the Spring semester Real Estate Development course is REAL 3210-401 taught by Asuka Nakahara. Seniors who are concentrators in Real Estate are given first preference. The first five persons that request the course during Advanced Registration on Penn in Touch and have taken the pre requisite (Real Estate Investments REAL/FNCE 2090) will gain entry.  Undergraduates will be informed of their status on the waitlist and or if they have been successfully admitted a few days after the finalized student schedulers are available on Penn in Touch.

MBA and Non-MBA Student Registration

The Real Estate Department does not grant permits to MBA’s if the course in question is in the MBA Course Match System. If a seat becomes available in an oversubscribed course post-Course Match, the MBA Program Office will first offer the seat to a MBA student on their waitlist.

Please visit the MBA Course Registration for Non-MBA Students webpage for further details.

For all student permission request inquiries please contact for further information.