Shown in above photo, top row from left are Asuka Nakahara, Benjamin Keys, Susan Stutsman Sessa, Claire Harte, Gilles Duranton, Fernando Ferreira, and James Vickery. Middle row from left are Jessie Handbury, Alan Feldman, Ron Smith, Veronica Aplenc, Susan Wachter, Stephanie Shapiro, Heather Yavil, Sophie Calder-Wang, and Michelle Salley-Perry. Bottom row from left are Maisy Wong, Michael Knoll, Joseph Gyourko, Todd Sinai, Sabrina Foreman, Mariaflavia Harari, and Lauren Kelly. Wharton Real Estate Department and Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center, Faculty & Staff, Fall 2022. (Greg Benson Photography/Paul Benson)

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