Student Employment

The Real Estate Department hires student workers and teaching assistants for both Undergraduate and MBA courses as needed by the faculty. The following information addresses questions you may have regarding how to properly apply for a position, instructions on submitting payroll forms/documentation to the department, and how to apply for a position.

If you are interested in being hired as a student worker or teaching assistant, please follow these required steps:

  • Contact the prospective professor for whom you would work.
  • Once the professor has agreed to hire you as a teaching assistant or student worker, submit the signed written agreement outlining your arrangement along with the appropriate payroll forms to the following persons:
    • For student workers: Diane Deissroth, Real Estate Department Business Administrator at or 215-898-0929. Her office is located at 1472 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall.
    • For teaching assistants: Yezta Johnson Wiggins, Assistant to the Chair, Real Estate Dept, or 215-898-0930. Her office is located at 1478 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall.
  • Please review the list below, and click on only the forms that are relevant to your position. Note: You are required to submit payroll forms in person BEFORE YOU START YOUR EMPLOYMENT with the department. Contact the Business Administrator or the Assistant to the Chair as indicated above to schedule an appointment.
    Description Student Worker Graduate Teaching Assistant Undergrad Teaching Assistant
    Signed Offer Letter x x x
    I-9 Online*
    (List of required documentation)
    x x x
    W-4* x x x
    SS Card (for new hires only) x x x
    Wharton Personal Data Form** x x x
    Direct Deposit Online** x x x
    Sexual Harassment – Univ. Policy*** x x
    Graduate Student Appt. Form x
    Foreign INTL. Form (FNIF)****

    * If you have worked previously at the University of Penn and are still in the payroll system, you do not need to complete the W-4 form or the electronic online I-9 form.

    ** All Teaching Assistants must agree to abide by the Consensual Relations/Sexual Harassment policy.

    ***  Employees must enroll in either Direct Deposit or select an ADP ALine Card.

    **** International Students must complete the FNIF and submit a copy of their visa, passport, I-94 Card, Form I-20 and Social Security Card.

  • For instructions on how to complete section I of the I-9 click here.
  • The instructions on how to sign up for direct deposit can be found at this link: .  If you do not sign up for Direct Deposit, you will automatically receive a “pay card” by default. These pay cards will be delivered to the home address that we have on file.
  • Once your payroll record is active you can print your own advices (pay stubs) at the following site under “Payroll and Tax”: Once your bank information is submitted and verified, Direct Deposit will become the method of payment. Direct Deposit always overrides the “ADP Aline®” Card. Please visit the U@Penn site under the heading Payroll and Tax and select Update Direct Deposit to sign up.
  • Weekly Timesheets: Wharton has moved from a manual weekly timesheet process to “E-time”–an electronic timesheet process.  The time period for weekly pay begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.  Wharton’s deadline for e-Timesheets is 5PM every Thursday.   The system will send reminder emails to submit your e-timesheet and enable you to create timesheets in advance up to four weeks.  A dropdown menu will allow you to select the correct time period for each week worked. The hiring officer within the department will provide more details.
  • Academic Related Information: The Real Estate Department Administrator, Yezta Johnson Wiggins, assists faculty with class scheduling, oversees and coordinates department events, and addresses student registration issues. Teaching Assistants should contact or call 898-0930 with questions  regarding handling academic tasks, policies and procedures. In addition, Mary Kay Adair ( and Sabrina Foreman ( assists with special room requests, videoing and tech requests, copying/supply orders for professors.
  • TA Office Hours/Guest Lecturers: Once teaching assistant office hours have been established, please email staff so that a room may be reserved to conduct TA office hours.
  • Department Hours of Operation: The department is open from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Please plan accordingly if you need to contact a professor or administrator to use the fax or copier machines. See the receptionist or the academic support staff for assistance with operating the office equipment.


Real Estate Department

The Wharton School,
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Phone:(215) 898-9687
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