Undergraduate Concentration

The real estate concentration consists of one required credit unit and three electives. Students concentrating in real estate must take the following course:

  • REAL 2090/FNCE 2090 Real Estate Investment: Analysis and Financing #

**Three other c.u.s are required from the following list of electives:

  • REAL 2040/LGST 2040 Real Estate Law
  • REAL 2050 Global Real Estate: Risk, Politics and Culture
  • REAL 2080/BEPP2080 Housing Markets
  • REAL 2150  Urban Real Estate Economics
  • REAL 2300/FNCE/BEPP 2300 Urban Fiscal Policy
  • REAL 2360/BEPP 2360 International Housing Comparisons
  • REAL 2400  Advanced Real Estate Investment and Analysis
  • REAL 3210* Real Estate Development
  • REAL 3750 Real Estate Disruptions
  • REAL 3900 International Real Estate Comparisons
  • REAL 3960  Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  • REAL 3990  Independent Study

*with faculty permission in Spring semester.

#Note: If a student pursues concentrations in both finance and real estate and elects to use REAL 2090/FNCE 2090 towards their FNCE concentration, the student must then complete an additional REAL elective (in place of 2090) from the approved concentration courses to complete the real estate concentration requirements.

**Not all courses are offered every year.  Please consult with the Undergrad Real Estate Advisor for course availability.